the simple SMS authentication service
Nowadays, authentication of wireless users is mandatory for legal reasons.
For free WLAN Hotspot, the simplest authentication method is to send an SMS code to the user's phone number.
secuPASS ® is a simple SMS authentication online service for free WLAN Hotspot.
The secuPASS ® authenticated user is stored in the access points systems log using his mobile phone number. The log can be saved on a USB key installed in the authentication device, or on a Syslog server.


secuPASS ® offers an easy authentication service
for free Wifi using SMS code.


secuPASS  ® is an online service and uses the
swiss provider ASPSMS in order to send SMS

You will need to open an account by them and
you will have to buy some SMS credits.


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Subscribe for the secuPASS service

Even if it’s preferred, you don’t need to have a
fixed IP address in order to use this service.

A dynamic FQDN (like a No-IP account)
is enough.


You need to subscribe for one service
for each node (one node per FQDN / IP address).



Documentation and support are available online.


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